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"Make an effort to observe the normal and mundane, those things that usually go unnoticed or taken for granted. In the ordinary there is much to be discovered. Untold stories. Hidden human experience. Nature unobserved. Richness of life on our doorstep."


I like to think a lot about what I observe, experience, do, or think, no matter how mundane or routine. Occasionally, I write about my thoughts and observations, sometimes in a few words or sentences, other times in in longer texts. Writing helps me reflect on my understanding of the simplest of everyday, mundane moments, or more complex, unusual, challenging, or exciting situations.

I like to make photographs too, sometimes with my 35mm film rangefinder camera, other times with my digital rangefinder camera or iPhone. Photography complements my writing, both media portraying different dimensions of the same moment or event. You can read a little more about my photography here.

I operate this website is just for fun! There is no great ambition behind this website, except to publish some of my work.



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The Thoughts section contains short articles and stories, some illustrated with photographs, all related to my thoughts, experiences and observations. Information about topics related to this website can be found in the News section. In the new Visions section, I share selected full-screen photographs of special themes.

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Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a German town in Bavaria near the Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. The town is packed with Bavarian tradition, while the surrounding mountains offer top-class hiking and winter sports activities. We visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen every summer to hike along the many exciting alpine trails.

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In this first publication in the Visions section, I share some photographs I made of the River Rhine near Karlsruhe, Germany. There are few photographs, but the ones I display here represent some of my favourite impressions of the river and nearby surroundings.

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